Thesis Week 14 (Spring)


Well. I missed the morning today. I was at my desk at 9:45, and decided I’d take a 15 minute nap instead of starting early since I felt a bit sleepy. When I woke up it was almost 12. So, I’ll go ahead and have lunch then do the 1-3 shift today. Here’s my TODO list:

Done list:


Today I’m going to add my CV to my thesis, which means I need to update it, and finalize my thesis. There is some wording in the abstract I need to clean up. And a few latex errors. Any typos that remain are just going to be there, there’s no reason to make it 100% perfect. I know I’m going to print out 6 copies and then notice a typo, but that’s okay. I’ll be fine. Everyone’s thesis has typos, and I’m confident mine has few enough that they aren’t worth noticing.

Done list


Wednesday was an errands day. Thursday I distributed my thesis to everyone on the thesis committee.

Okay so the slides are basically done, I just need to find a way to cram in suggested measures into the case studies. 20 slides seems a bit small for such a long paper, but I’ve done a lot of compression and I prefer to have few slides with a LOT to talk about than a bunch of rapid-fire slides. My goal is to have half of the speaker notes done for today so I can finish them and start rehearsing tomorrow.


I’ve been spending all my time on the network security blue team (aka defense) event to pracrastinate working on my thesis. It’s really fun and eductional, though. I even got into one of the other team’s databases (they deserved it - they were scanning our network) and messed with some things. Sadly, their site barely works so the pranks will have to wait. If I did it right (and I probably didn’t) then 1/10 times they load the page it’ll redirect to the Rickroll video. It’s like the early internet all over again. Their mysql user doesn’t have write access to the website directory, so they only way forward I know of won’t be effective, and all the text fields are too small to fit a more robust rick roll into :(

I really need to be working on my thesis presentation, though. I’ve gotten very lazy this week.

Okay instead I went and found I could ssh into their server using the default login and added an autoplay Rick Astley video… it’s not hard to fix or anything, I wonder why they haven’t tried to fix it yet. I really hope the Dr. Lauf’s ammusement at a rickroll overpowers his moral obligation to tell us not to hack our classmates. And I did fix their site - there was a small bug that caused all the links and sylesheets to break. So I’m probably a net positive for that team.

Now I’ll get back to work on my presentation.


So Friday afternoon, I got distracted as the netsec event started. Saturday I spent all day on netsec and barely worked on the presentation at all. Today I have to - I need Monday to practice presenting. It really isn’t that much work it just takes some creativity.

Okay it’s noon and I made it to the classification schema.

Back from lunch, time to finish writing this dang ol’ presentation.

It’s 3 and I’ve made a bit of progress. I’m stressed, but in a frustrating avoidant way instead of a focused way. I could go for a run, but I’m not sure if that would help. I just ate some so I’ll work some more before going for a run.

8:20 - Didn’t go for that run, but I have gotten a lot done. Dr. Yampolskiy sent me some recommendations on my slides, and I’m nearly done writing my script for everything except the case studies, and I think it’s best to ad-lib those.

It’s 9 and I’m calling it good for tonight. I should be able to practice all tomorrow and iron out the details. Also adding pictures, although trite, was a great idea for the presentation. It makes it better for me, too.