Thesis Update Log Week 3

Thesis Advisors

Update on the thesis advisors siuation: I have one CSE proffessor on board, and I need a non-CSE prof. I emailed an ECE prof who I really enjoyed his classes, and was quite surprised to find he was now retired. Oops. I’m not sure who else to ask, maybe one the math profs I had. I think it’s a matter of finding someone who is at least mildly intered in AI and also I have at least a remote connection with. Yes, I’ll try a math prof next. That’s a worry for monday.

Somebody poached my thesis?

I also learned that somebody poached my thesis!

Just kidding about “poaching”, but they did make things a bit harder. Before, there were zero ai failure databases accessible on the internet, now there is one which appears to be well funded. Here’s the actual product:

Quickly using their search app, it seems they did exactly what I would have done but 10x better.

What can I do?

This puts me in a difficult position. I think I should continue as planned, and make my database website anyway. It won’t be as good as theirs, but it still feels like it will be a useful contribution to have another take on “ai incident database” out there. It also means I will need to focus more on my AI risk analysis part. This should be okay. The alternative is to try to make my database superior, but I think the time for that has passed and an organisation with clout and staff is going to outdo my attempts no matter what.