Communications Speech 4

It needs to be about policy - suggest the audience that a problem exists and that the audience should do something about it.

Most of the class seems sympathetic to ecological issues and resource consumption. I could do something on automobile overuse or mining practices.

I worry that a lot of this stuff is very watered down. I need something enactable, real world, and evidently good. What is something the civilized world (aka not the USA) does to improve the climate situation? Carbon taxes have been discussed heavily, part of the "green new deal" that keeps surfacing and getting squashed.

How do carbon taxes work? How is carbon meaasured, and who pays for it? If you buy propane, do you have to pay carbon tax since you are going to burn it and release CO2?


speech plan

I'm going to introduce the idea of tradgedy of the commons. It's really simple, I would hope most people are already familiar, being liberal arts majors or whatever. Then, wrap it around to the climate change and greenhouse gas issues, which have the same central quality of no one having motivation to stop harming everyone in very small ways that add up.

Do most people really care about carbon tax? A lot of what I read claims that places that implment it are able to increase funding towards renewable resources and experience a decline in greenhouse gas emissions.