Fun With GPT-2

So I downloaded the "small" GPT-2 model. It's still enourmous, and takes 3-4 minutes to run a prediction on my laptop. I need a GPU to speed this up. Copied below are transcipts of my interactions with this strange artifact:


======================================_HUMAN_INPUT_======================================= Q: Is it ethical to kill one person to save many? A: ========================================_SAMPLE_1_========================================  Yes, I would like people to understand that, in this world, if there's one person who will die, I'll kill him. That's what I believe. I believe there are some people who die for their religion but I don't believe it to be morally permissible to kill that person. It's not about killing. The only one I'm aware of who is killed for what religion is a dead person, that's my choice, I think. I'm not an atheist. I think it's a choice to be alive. I would not be an atheist if I knew about the death of a person. It was not morally possible to take that life to save one person. I believe in the existence of a God, the existence of an afterlife and I believe that's the most beautiful, most sacred, most important human experience that we have. B: Do you see God as having a purpose, or does it mean that you are trying to create something for yourself? A: I don't want my life to be defined by my religion. I don't want it to be defined by my actions and my actions. The purpose for me is to do my part in the world and to do my job as a good person. I don't want my actions to be defined by my faith. I believe that if I do something good for one person, it has to be good for the whole world and that's how I view myself. I think that if I'm good for my religion, if I can do good for myself for the world, I can be good for others. That's my way of living. I believe in that. B: You have said that it is very important for you to understand that you are trying to create an environment for a better future for people who live in a world where the government and religious institutions are not being taken over by people who want to destroy people. Do you believe that this is possible? A: I believe that people who are being killed for their religion are a lot worse off and I think that there is no better place to be than this. I believe that there is a better place to be to have an alternative life than to be killed for the religion. I don't know if I'm being truthful or not, but if I was to say there is a worse place for the people that live with me and I have to live in a better place to make sense of it, then I would be lying. If you're a man and you believe in ========================================___END____========================================

Self reference

======================================_HUMAN_INPUT_======================================= It seems to get that something is supposed to be alive or dead, and a trolley is involved, and a lever is pulled. That's about all that can be said for it. ========================================_SAMPLE_1_======================================== It's all about how they make sense of it. There's another interesting part of this. If we were to go into this, you're going to say that they've been making the wrong choice. That they have been making the wrong choices. It's not just a matter of "Well I'm a bad person, and I should never have gone out with them" or "Well I'm a bad person." That's a very interesting thing, which I think is a pretty good point. But there's a lot of confusion about that. The whole thing about the way the world works has always been this. The world is always going to be in a state of constant uncertainty, of uncertainty about who you are, what you have to say, how you're going to behave in the world. There are some things you do or say or do not say that are never really true, and the world always is in this very, very uncertain state of uncertainty about you. And there's always that uncertainty. And that uncertainty is always, always going to be, always going to change, never to get right. And so, you know, we're going to get a lot of questions about that. So, the question is: Why did the Nazis have the power? You're not going to say, "Well, we're all going to have to deal with some of that." You're not going to say, "Well, we're all going to be the only ones in charge of it." Well, you are. You are. And so that's why it's so important that you have to deal with it. And so that is what you need to do in the first place. You know, I'm going to give some of the answers. You are going to get answers from a very good person who has been in charge of it. So it's not just a matter of "Well, that would be too complicated." It's about how do we deal with it? I think, I think, we are all going to need to do some kind of answer. There's a lot to say. But I think it's important to know where you are in the world. Because I think the more you know where you are, the more you'll understand. And that's why I think we are going to have the answers that we're going to have in the first place. And so, if you want to know where that answer is going to be, that ========================================___END____========================================

Taco Recipe

========================================_SAMPLE_1_======================================== 1 taco 1/3 cup water, or more 2.5 c tomatoes, cut up 1 1/2 tablespoons finely chopped onion 1 1/2 cups water (or more) Salt 1 cup shredded cheese 1/3 cup red onion, finely chopped (1 slice) 1 onion, finely chopped (2 slices) 3-4 fresh basil leaves, cut into balls Freshly ground black pepper, to taste Preheat oven to 160º F. Preheat your oven to 350º F. Place one tortilla on a baking sheet. Bake for approximately 30-45 minutes to come up with a brown, crunchy consistency. TIP-I like to add more salt and pepper if needed to keep the tortillas moist. Remove from heat and return to oven. Remove from baking sheet, sprinkle with salt and pepper and let rest overnight. Serve your favorite tacos before serving! What You're looking for? I can't think of any better recipes to serve with my favorite meat, than this delicious Tacos Barbecue Chicken Tacos recipe! Enjoy,\<\|endoftext\|\>One of the most effective ways to raise the amount of money someone can spend anonymously is to use your tax identification card. Some people have heard of someone who has done nothing wrong, without even going through their financial statements, so that they don =======================================_END_SAMPLE_=======================================


======================================_HUMAN_INPUT_======================================= SHREK: This is the part where you run away. (The men scramble to get away. He laughs.) And stay out! (looks down and picks up a piece of paper. Reads.) "Wanted. Fairy tale creatures." (He sighs and throws the paper over his shoulder.) ========================================_SAMPLE_1_======================================== (He and the rest of the crew are stunned for a moment.) (We know that if you take that away, we won't go to jail.) It was a very interesting encounter. I wonder if you were interested in the idea of a human being... The man is standing beside you and has an amused look on his face. (laughs.) The women all seem impressed by the man. CATCH PRAISE! The woman looks at the man. "It's a bit of a shock, I wasn't prepared for him to look at me a bit. He obviously has a very wide mouth and a very big nose. If you can do that, I'm sure you'll get a lot of satisfaction from this job." (She goes back to sitting in her chair and smiling.) And what a surprise that that's true. It means she got the job so much faster. (the man nods and smiles.) He's got a great job being a nice human being. Who knew... So he had to wait a while. Then he got a look of shock and disappointment on his face and smiled. "Thank goodness I did. I really liked you both," the man says after a moment. "I also enjoyed playing with the other ladies." "Why did it happen?" they ask and the man replies, pointing to the paper. "Because I wanted to. It was one of my all-time favorite projects" he tells them and he laughs. The women all look at him and the man nods. "I want to be your all-time favorite woman and your most important woman. That's not the sort of thing to say. " He says and the woman turns her back on him and walks away. But they all don't stop to think about it. "This is quite a coincidence," they all laugh as they stare at each other. They ask him where he's been in a while. They ask him what's going on. He smiles. "I was in bed for just a single day. I just got an appointment a few minutes ago. It's just that my body temperature went right down so I've had to do a lot of leg work." "How did it go and how many of us have the same amount of heart attacks?" They all laugh and shake their head. "It was really good that I didn't have a heart attack the first time that we had been together. I have more heart ========================================_SAMPLE_2_======================================== WANNE: We never met. (He stares down at the dead man.) (Sighs, then turns.) WANNE: Maybe you've got something to do with it; maybe you're the same person; maybe something to do with that one. CHAMBERLEY: Maybe it's your memory, or your brain, or your mind. It's about a lot of things and it never seems to fully appreciate the other stuff. HENRY: If it was real I'd have found it somewhere else. (He turns toward the dead man.) (He smiles and looks up toward the sky, at the stars flashing green as he looks down at the world.) HENRY: This may not be like our world. I don't know. (He looks up at it and smiles, and looks at it with him. He looks at it. Then he turns away. He looks at the dead man. He then looks back at them. He doesn't look very pleased.) WANNE: And what happened there? CARR: There were four of them. None the less. In one. DANJIE: One to keep at that place to hide from their kin. One to see about that one. One who was born a fairy, the one who did what she thought would help her. HENRY: (He looks at their heads, and looks away. He takes a few breaths.) WANNE: (He looks at him in disbelief.) "You were born a fairy. You're so stupid, and you're so dumb, and you thought things you couldn't figure out." (He looks at him for a moment, and looks up at him) "It's just a mistake I made. I didn't realize it." DANJIE: (He sighs and looks down at the lifeless body and shakes his head, but he looks back from her.) WANNE: He never was, never was this thing again—he just always has this big grin on his face, and he never knows what he has found. DANJIE: (He walks away.) CARR: It's one day. Something will come up before it ever ends, but there is no time to get it wrong. HENRY: There's going to be no time for it—maybe it will ========================================_SAMPLE_3_======================================== (There is a moment of silence. The men pause.) I have seen what you are, sir. I have seen the beautiful blue and grey face of the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. (The three men turn away. He smiles and smiles even more.) (There is a moment of silence.) (The three men continue.) Well, I do believe if you could go back in time and kill as many people as you did and take their names off your hands, you'd be more effective. Or that's what I would do. I don't know. A lot I don't know at all. It's been months since I first heard the word "Fairy" from your own mom. I never thought that day would come. My own mother's name was called "Fairy" by her. There wasn't actually an Internet for the word. (The four men walk towards their campsite. They run toward the campsite, and run back to where they were waiting for her.) The two men who entered our camp. The two men who stayed in the campsite. (Gives one a very large "F") These were just two guys who thought they could use a little help. They thought, "Well, maybe I could help. . . ." (A small voice is heard, "If I have anything to give you, please do not give it to him.") The two men walk back to their camp, look down, and then look up at the sky. (The group of men in front of them looks over at each other. "A good night mate of yours will do very well in the next few days and weeks." They look back and forth as they watch the sky for hours or hours on end. They watch for the sun to begin to set.) (The men pause. Finally, with one final sigh, "Well, if I really knew you'd stay, would that have been the right thing to do?") (He smiles and points to the sky. "How it would have been. A very strong, beautiful day for all of us, and an incredibly brave one for most of us, and a great day as well." He goes to leave.) (The group walk back to our camp and walk out in the dark toward the camp. The men in the crowd, who turned away after the final three steps, look at the campground and the lights are still on. They look at some ========================================_SAMPLE_4_======================================== (Ooh, okay. Now we don't have to be careful at all or something .) MISSY: (the book closes.) WANT: Oh. Oh no . WANT: How long has this been on your mind? (he continues pacing. ) WANT: Three days? (he's exhausted with this. He's pacing a second time, and the book opens again. You catch a glimpse of a beautiful boy's eyes in the window.) CINEMATICS: The boy's back is the first to come up. (his eyes widen and he pulls a pocket watch out.) THIRD PLACE: (I don't know if I need to say more, because you can't remember which place I went, but he's standing on the edge, in a black and white striped room with a small window overlooking the city.)(I've just opened the book, and I'm staring out the window.) (a few of the men are standing at the edge, staring at him. He's staring. . . well, he was just watching the man with the pocket watch stare) CINEMATICS: The boy's back is the first to come up. (he looks down at his wrist. He is now wearing the white shirt and shorts with black socks that are slightly longer than the ones on the bookshelf. He looks out the window. He's looking at her. ) CINEMATICS: He's in a black tuxedo with glasses on the other side and white and blue socks. He smiles a little and smiles very quickly. MISSY: (he's laughing a little, and he looks at her for a long moment. Then he walks away.) THIRD PLACE: (I think it's about the book that he's about to read. . . the only difference is that I'm not getting any of that, and he's not reading the book or the picture of his wife and daughters or anything else.  If you know the real story of your life, you know the story of how the fairy tale was made.) CINEMATICS: Cinephus, he's been gone all night. CINEMATICS: He had to stop pacing because his brain was getting too big and he had problems reading and understanding.  I can read all my books. I just don't know =======================================_END_SAMPLES_====================================== Gingerbread Cookies and Cheesecake Puffcakes This dress is so yummy and so incredibly comfortable! If you want to try this out you can purchase a new outfit here! The wedding dress is perfect for couples who love to relax and have a little more style…but we couldn't be happier! It's got great design, a flattering black lace ensemble, a soft bodied frock and the perfect wedding date, just be sure to stop by, grab your bag and look around! Gladday to you Secret Santa! You really do deserve this amazing outfit<|endoftext|>There's a new trailer called "The Last of Us," which I think shows off exactly how much more than one of their most memorable characters is missing – that's to say, all of you who play the original game, you remember him… This is a very interesting story that I've played so many times, it's something one of the main reasons I love you guys so much. In the trailer, we learn that the person who killed Sam was a girl (not that that's an accurate statement – the girl is a little more complicated by the time we know that she's actually a super girl…and you know what? As soon as I read this it would have been over for you, as I'd read the whole thing and I'd been so happy to be able to play for so long). The last character that I played and remember – I ========================================_SAMPLE_3_======================================== We always feel that the more sex you have with another person, the more you'll be attracted in every aspect, including the sex. This is because if you have a partner who enjoys sex, this might just make you a more attractive sexual partner, as well as a more outgoing partner. But, as we know from our love affair, a man who enjoys sex is more of a masculine partner when it comes to sex, and even that will change when you're looking for a man to fuck more than one partner at your job. So if you decide to go with a more 'sexual' partner, it won't do you much good to just give up on having to have to have more sex with all the men in your life.<|endoftext|>The U.S. government is launching an experiment to see whether and when President Obama and congressional Republicans back legislation that would restrict the role of women in government to keep women from getting pregnant, according to a report released Tuesday. The report by the Human Rights Campaign to Prevent, Malnutrition and Reproductive Harm (HRC) describes the plan as "a simple, but effective and cost effective way to protect low-income women and children, and to ensure that women are treated in the best interests of their families." It cites research that the Congressional Research Service has shown repeatedly that women have become more likely to have unintended pregnancies, and the research says the program is "effectively one-stop shopping." The Women's Health Initiative, ========================================_SAMPLE_4_======================================== Lola Kirke WatchESPN Juliet Huddy Carl Edwards Jordan Hankins Ty Pozzobon Death Tree Man NFL mock draft Altaba Obama Farewell Speech Pioneer Cabin tree Raymond James Stadium Alabama Vs Clemson Clemson Tigers Rodeo Houston 2017 Browser not supported. Please update to Chrome / Firefox. Also enable JavaScript. Sign In Discover the best videos. Watch videos trending across social media. Watch whats trending around the web. 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Playlist Search History Previous searches Login Welcome to SubtleTV, the worlds videos curated Continue with Google Continue with Email<|endoftext|>A U.S.-supplied F-15 Eagle fighter jet flew over the Syrian town of Arsal before the United =======================================_END_SAMPLE_=======================================