My Paper Got Media Attention!

I published the optical illusions paper, and got lots of interesting media attention. This is really motivating, I feel a lot of imposter syndrome but really I should feel proud that this went so well.

I also fixed some of the more obnoxious typos, but unfortunately didn’t end up fixing the irrelevant introduction sentence. Next time I will spend more time consulting my peers on style.

I compiled a list of all the place my article ended up:
A paper cited my paper! Very exciting!
linked to my article, he also linked to
Interesting related research
reviewed my article,
they made their own afterwards
This person mentions my paper in a line of related papers
This page tracks tweets about it
this tracker also indexed it
It’s on this page too! Seems to be a daily index of academic papers?
Includes my text (with added spacing errors) and a Chinese translation and an unrelated picture of a small NN.
They misquote me several times, I’m not really sure what’s going on here.
Also their website overrides default scrolling behaviour… if you’re reading this please promise to never ever do this. Having a browser extension to disable javascript comes in handy all too often.
Another tweet about the paper
German Review
Spanish review and same thing in Russian