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Four Leaf Clovers


I searched for four leaf clovers yesterday and today, and doing so brought a lot of ideas into my head about intelligence and probability. # Zero shot classification ...

An Incomputable Number


I heard that the computable numbers are countable, which seems to lead to a paradox using

Computer Generated Dessert


A cake recipe based on analysis of GP-2's output! The AI is truly amazing, but its creators refuse to share it. They tempt us with...

Artificial Intelligence Safety And Security Independent Study Week 6


We're going to focus more on reinfocrcement learning this week, such as inverse reinforcement learning and other variations. ...

Code Katas!


Luke sent me a link to a page with some "code Katas", which are like Euler problems except focused on software design and extensibility. I figured I might as well try out the first few, even if I...

Artificial Intelligence Safety And Security Independent Study Week 5


Coninuing the trend on artificial life, I found a quantum evolution experiment and the "Innovation Engines" paper. # Week 4 Wednesday ...

Communications Class Speech 1


I have to create and deliver several speeches this semester for my communications class. I'll keep my drafting and miscellaneous notes here, and a final copy of the speech at the bottom. This fir...

Column Prose


I had the idea for a kind of restricted poetry/storytelling, where by following a strict line length limitation, certain columns would have ...

Puzzle Pieces


I am in a room facing a vast board. Scattered on it are thousands of small colorful bits of cardboard, puzzle pieces. Scattered about are coherent continents, with ragged edges waiting for more pi...

Artificial Intelligence Safety And Security Independent Study Week 4


We had another meeting this week, and started a trend on open ended exploration by evolution, and artificial life. # Week 4 Monday ...

Artificial Intelligence Safety And Security Independent Study Week 3


I'm still very interested (curious, even) in curiosity driven AI. I didn't finish "Responses to Catastrophic AGI Risk: a survey", I need to make a high level review of the paper sometime soon.

Response to "Meditations on Moloch"


A few months ago, I read Meditations on Moloch by Scott Alexander and thought it was the most absolute and true piece of...

Curiosity Maximizer


Last week, we read Curiosity-driven Exploration by Self-supervised Prediction. Their success in a powerful curiosity reward signal raised a lot of...

Bananagrams AI!


I just finished the code for my Banangrams playing AI! I've added it under the "fun" tab. Type in all of the letters you have and it returns an html table with a board you can play. Try it out he...

Artificial Intelligence Safety And Security Independent Study Week 2


Last week was a good start, and our exploration rate was fairly high. This week we are starting with a review of AI safety literature, which will serve as a reference for the rest of the semester....

Artificial Intelligence Safety And Security Independent Study


This semester at UofL, Luke Miles and myself are working with our professors (Brent Harrison and Roman Yampolskiy, respectively) on an independent study. We will be reading 2-3 papers concerning a...

Capacity for Boredom


### Disclaimer: this is mostly missspelled ramblings are unfinished. Read at your own diescretion Everything, when repeated enough time, becomes boring. If you listen to enough Motzart, you might...

Emacs Defun Custom Syntax


In common lisp, it's fairly common to come up with your own variations on defun. For instance, I might make the following macro, which prints out a function's name before calling

Attacks On NN Proxies


I'm working on a way of controlling arbitrary physical systems using low energy inputs. The idea is to create a NN (neural network) model that emulates the real world system, develop adversarial...

My Paper Got Media Attention!


I published the optical illusions paper, and got lots of interesting media attention. This is really motivating, I feel a lot of imposter syndrome but really I should feel proud that this went s...

Preprint of Optical Illusions Paper


With the help of Dr. Yampolskiy, I put the information in the series on optical illusions together into an academic paper, which can be found here: htt...

Data Download and Initial Neural Network Training Results


I downloaded and cleaned all of the files from Mighty Optical Illusions and ViperLib into JPEG...

Long Term Universe Outcomes


The Fermi Paradox is a huge problem for humanity. The simple question, "Where are they?" has no easy answer. Are there really no aliens out there colonizing the universe? Maybe life is unlikely, o...

Fun With (Fun With Quines in Python) Quines In Python


I've seen quines before, as well as quines that aren't really quines, like this dumb bash trick: ` echo $BASH_COMMAND ...

Data Collection Results


None of the website owners replied to my emails, so I collected the images myself. All of the content on these sites has been collected from other sources, so I don't think there is any issue with...

Optical Illusion Datasets


I have been digging around for optical illusion datasets. They don't seem to exist, so I will be laying the grounds for the creation of one and starting to collect data. I don't know all that much...

Adversarial Examples for human vision


Adversarial examples are very revealing about a neural net's inner workings and weaknesses. This wonderful post by open AI discu...